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The Idea

As a small batch yarn company, based in Surrey, BC, Canada, we are always looking for ways to brighten up the rainy days that the Pacific North West is known for, and what better way then by adding a bit of colour to your wardrobe! Colour doesn’t just look good on you, it looks good on everyone, especially when it rains for 30 days at a time!


The Source

It’s always been important to us, to support the local economy and whenever possible, to work with local businesses which is why we source all of our yarns from within Canada or from small breed mills in the UK.


100% Handmade

All of our yarns are hand dyed. We put love and time into every skein. Due to the nature of hand dyeing, no two skeins are identical, and when knitting larger projects, we recommend that you alternate skeins to get the best possible result. All of our knitting notions are made in house and are designed to add a bit of charm to your project.